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“Trudy Dies” b/w “Come In”
Drag City

Two very slow, very sad tunes from Louisville, Kentucky, the land of sin, death, and inbreeding. The Palace Brothers [here recording under the name Palace] compose strung-out country, where the guitar slurs its speech and the backing instruments drag their feet. A wavering voice mourns the loss of his girl/wife/sister in “Trudy Dies”: “Death’s all I feared ’cause death could take you … and that’s just what it do.” One and a half minutes of instrumental organ and guitar begin the song. Actually, the organ sounds more like an old, old phonograph record playing in the background. “Come In” doesn’t pick up the tempo any at all, and continues the lament. A fucked-up piano “solo” toward the end of the song enhances the dark mood.

The Palace Brothers are (were?) a quartet, but I think I read somewhere over the summer that two members quit the band. Whether or not replacements were found I don’t know, but the sparseness of this record seemingly indicates the ventures of only a couple of musicians. This seven-inch single is perfect, but make sure you don’t nod out before the songs are over.

Originally published in Ink Nineteen in February 1994.