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Apple Pie
Feel Good All Over

Finally, a band that lives up to its name. Nice is extremely nice, like cotton candy, like sipping lemonade on a hot summer day, sitting in the soft green grass underneath shady oak tree, daydreaming, watching the ants crawl back and forth, in and out of the anthill, letting life slip by. This Australian quartet plays happy-go-lucky music with no unusual or subversive qualities at all, just simple, bright, and cheery melodies and harmonies. The dreamy, laid-back guy/girl vocals sing about nothing in particular: letters from Spain, cups of coffee, love, the universe in general. Quite a nice adjustment from too many other bands’ bombardment of political and philosophical agendas. All thirteen of these songs leave the stereo speakers and float up to the ceiling, as if they were made of helium. They dance and prance around a bit, and sweetly into my ears. Nothing less than beautiful. Nice breaks no new ground, but who cares? They don’t have to.

Apple Pie is perfect listening for those lazy Saturdays when all you want to do is curl up in bed or in the hammock and lose yourself in a favorite book, letting the day drift by worry-free for a little while. Hey, even Nice’s record company has the right idea—it’s [called] Feel Good All Over.

Originally published in Ink Nineteen in February 1994.