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Giant Man

With a music scene like Orlando’s, who needs Seattle, New York, Athens, and Chapel Hill? With the style and originality of bands like Braille Closet, Naiomi’s Hair, Black Cats and Bottle Rockets, and Disco Biscuit, I am forced to ask when Orlando will get some respect from the music world?

Longtime local heroes Giant Man have released their brilliant first CD on the Central Florida label Figurehead, and too bad it will be their last. I heard the group broke up since Grandstand has come out. It’s a real shame because Giant Man is a top-notch band worthy of the success it will never have.

It’s always nice to hear musicians who actually care about writing a decent song and not just cranking the amps up as loud as they get. The melodies are very hummable, and the lyrics are from the soul. The chief songwriter Klaus Heesch sings with so much power, raising questions at the world, wanting to spark an intellectual revolution.

Grandstand is an absolute gem. Like the beer commercial says, “It don’t get no better than this.” Get this compact disc now.

Originally published in Ink Nineteen in September 1993.