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Super Are

On Super Are, the Boredoms prove that experimental-music clichés like speed-shifting tape manipulations, unintelligible singing, and mock death metal can still be funny. This seven-song, seventy-minute creation from these veteran Japanese noise warriors is an epic for the infantile that elevates the comic to the cosmic. The opener, “Super You,” could be an apocalyptic death march for samurai battles in ancient times. Mayhem continues with the chanting vocals and Krautrock-like mechanical drone of “Super Going.” The lickety-split rhythms of its companion tune, “Super Coming,” make me wonder why Sony hasn’t used the group for a Playstation-game soundtrack. While most avant-rock musicians compose from an impenetrable ivory tower, the Boredoms poke around the gutter looking for illumination.

Originally published in the Orlando Weekly on February 25, 1999.