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Big Swifty
Movies for Your Ears
Soapy Fist

I should be partial, but I can’t be. This is a darn good record. Improvisation can lead into some very dangerous, tedious, and boring territories, but not Big Swifty. The ambiance and noise composed and extracted from each of the many musicians here overwhelm me. See those song titles listed on the back? Read them, memorize them, and then forget them as you drop the needle onto the first groove. Whoosh! A feeling of lightness there. Big Swifty lives in lands where words weren’t invented. The song “The Rain Outside”—it’s raining as I’m listening to it now. The record and the elements of nature battle each other to be King Loudest. The music is dynamic, but of course the main reason to buy this is for the band photograph on the insert. Let me guess … Pat Pagano is the guy with the guitar. Also, Torco is on the back cover. Instructions for listening: listen to side one as you fall asleep. Listen to side two as you wake up in the morning and eat your cereal. Feeling okay? Now listen to the Vacation Bible School seven inch to get you out the door!

Originally published in Ink Nineteen in December 1995.