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Peel Session

Judging from this three-song, twenty-five-minute EP, Autechre’s ever-busy Sean Booth and Rob Brown seems like the type of guys who iron their socks and underwear. The electronica compositions from this Manchester-based duo’s Peel Session are an extremely anal combination of Kraftwerk-type gadgetry, genre-bending beats, and contemporary sci-fi paranoia. Autechre gives the same attention to their samples as Renaissance painters did to their masterpieces. Elaborate sounds huddle alive and well within the deep crevices of cold, digital MIDI sequencers.

Autechre is one of the few techno bands known for intense live shows, generally at European raves. Since the CD is from a live-in-the-studio BBC radio broadcast, it’s probably the next-best way to hear this detail-oriented duo.

Originally published in the Orlando Weekly on March 25, 1999.